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Reduce carbon emissions and save money at the same time.

(It also does everything you would expect from a smart plug)

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Works with all standard UK plugs and sockets

Easy device setup and scheduling when to use it

Optimise for cheapest price and lowest carbon footprint

Ecopush will ensure that you’re helping to reduce demand on the energy network and ensure that your carbon output is as low as possible.

Charge your batteries by letting Ecopush decide when the best time is to switch it on. You can allow it to be fully automated letting Ecopush decide to switch devices on when it is cheaper and eco friendly.

Smart Energy Management

The World's First eco plug

With an easy set up, Ecopush plug can save you money while saving the environment.

Ecopush inteligent plug comes with 3 pre settings: Eco, Cost savings and Balanced.

Schedule the Ecopush plug to automatically power electronics on and off when the Electric Grid is serving the most polluted energy from coal-fired power plants

Ecopush plugs are able to switch off during energy price spikes, saving you money. Find out more at Octopus Energy.

A picture of the Ecopush plug

The Ecopush plug has all the features found in the most advanced smart plugs in the market: remote monitoring, switching & scheduling

Ecopush comes with a built in energy monitor, meaning you can see exactly when you used electricity and how much.


Monitor and control energy usage and costs from anywhere. Keep your energy bills low by effectively managing your devices and appliances

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