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The energy-aware smart plug.

The Ecopush smart plug automatically saves you money and saves the environment. The Ecopush system has been developed to preserve your pocket as well as the planet.

Since we became fully aware of the true impacts of fossil fuel consumption, from global warming to damage on human health, there has been a concerted effort to move towards alternative efficient fuels. In the second quarter of 2018, 29% of the UK’s electricity supply came from renewable resources, a significant increase from 5.9% in the equivalent quarter of 2010.

Source: BEIS Energy trends section 5: Electricity (ET 5.1) .
Information correct as of: January 2019

We have started to increase efforts to preserve the planet by using clean innovative energy technology and cutting back on the use of fossil fuels. The more we use clean renewable energy such as solar, wind, nuclear power, and hydro-electric, the less CO2 emissions are released. As electricity is not currently stored easily, and the more we can use off-peak electricity the less CO2 is emitted.

Unfortunately, renewable resources are more volatile and unpredictable than traditional coal or gas power plants. If there is no wind, turbines can’t convert electricity and have to be shut down in high winds and similarly, no sun no solar power. Traditional coal or gas power plants can be turned on and off to match demand, which renewable resources cannot. Wind, turbines can only operate generally in wind speeds of approximately 10 -55 mph) and this volatility needs to be addressed.

Market principles, the ‘supply and demand’ of electricity, means prices are constantly fluctuating throughout the day, and occasionally being negative if there is a surplus of energy within the National Grid. Over the last 12 months energy unit prices were below 2 p/kWh 31 times and below 0 p/kWh 4 times! (source Octopus Energy

Ecopush has researched ways to make better use of renewable energy and has developed the Ecopush smart plug. The Ecopush system works remotely and has a choice of settings to suit your personal consumption. You can choose to minimise costs, minimise pollution or both.

Ecopush automatically calculates the best times for you to use energy reducing your impact on the environment, lowering your carbon footprint and save you cash! The price of your energy changes seasonally, daily, hourly and the Ecopush system makes the optimal use of this.

When electricity demand peaks during the day, non-renewable resources such as oil and coal are used to meet this and increase supply. Ecopush allows you can set your plug to the eco setting to ensure you only use energy when these polluting sources are off-line. Ecopush smart plug uniquely is fully automatic, unlike other smart plugs on the market, which have to be set manually and are unable to track your energy consumption or its source.

Ecopush smart plug also includes a handy app which enable you to track your spending, your energy use and your CO2 output with pinpoint precision.

Whether your motivation is to save money or save the environment the Ecopush is here to help. Its “designed-in” functions allow you to choose, easily and simply, which energy schedule you wish to follow to make the most out of your energy supplier’s tariffs.

Ecopush smart plugs are incredibly quick and easy to install and for a limited time only if you switch to an Octopus Agile Tariff you get a free Ecopush plug to get you started. Even using the Octopus’ basic tariff customers have seen an average saving of £200 a year compared to the big 6 providers.

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