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Making the most out of Ecopush

So, you’ve got your Ecopush smart plug and want to utilize it its full potential. Using Ecopush ensures you’re saving money and helping the environment, whilst still getting the results you need. With a few simple steps, you can achieve incredible results and save £300+ a year and using an Octopus agile energy tariff . A short video is in preparation to be posted on site and YouTube shortly.

Household Appliances

Big household appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers, require a large amount of electricity to run. Your ecopush app is going to notify you when green energy is available. Thus reducing your consumption of fossil fuel based energy. It will tell you when the ‘cheapest time’ to do your laundry and dishwashing would be, typically this is during night hours, as electricity prices are at their lowest. Heating and cooling systems account for around 43% of your annual energy bill, with Ecopush you can turn your heating or cooling system on during the day and regulate the temperature to your comfort. This way you don’t turn it on in the evening during surge hours saving you tons of money!

Battery Powered Tools

Today, many of us own household electric tools. Cordless tools are becoming vastly popular. Electric lawn mowers, strimmers, hovers, leaf blowers etc, are being regularly designed with some sort of battery that needs to be consistently recharged .Generally for this type of useage, peak times (expensive and harmful fuel emissions) tend to be between 5pm and 10pm daily. Ecopush will notify you of the best time to use energy based on your bespoke consumption needs. Using ecopush, will mean your electric tools will be fully charged with 100% renewable energy!

Hot Tubs and Electric Heaters

You can even use Ecopush on your hot tub, hot tubs use a large amount of electricity and cost an average of £300 a year to run. You can also have your electric boiler, heating up water when electricity is cheapest or greenest. Due to market forces, when energy demands spike, costs will simultaneously rise. And the demands must be met so suppliers are forces to turn to more flexible power plants, which burn fossil fuels, to meet the demand. The result of this is higher costs and higher emissions if you use energy during these peak times.

Electric Bikes

e-bikes are on the rise! Many people are turning them as they are much faster and easier to ride up hills. Part of the rise in popularity is due to falling costs and improvements in battery technology which looks set to continue. If you’re planning on obtaining or already hold one of these fascinating bikes, using ecopush to charge them is your only option.

Electric Scooters

Birds are here! The Californian electric scooter business Bird has launched a service in London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and in a few months these scooters will be available to the public just about anywhere in the city. This electric scooter company back in the United States pays people to collect these scooters and charge them and they look set to employ the same model here. When they get approved to operate in London, locals, with the help of Ecopush, have a chance to make extra money by charging these scooters off-peak hours.

Personal Electronics

To gain the best results with your ecopush plug, charge your electronic devices during the day or night when green energy is available. ecopush is perfect for charging laptops, mobiles, tablets and more. It is also great for changing back-up chargers to ensure your phone is charged even on the go.

With ecopush, you will be implemented in a demand response scheme to react to a request by a utility or market price condition. Because of demand response, you will be reducing peak demand while reducing the risk of potential disturbances, avoid additional capital cost requirements for additional plants, and avoid the use of more expensive/or less efficient operation plants. You are helping everyone including yourself because by avoiding all this you don’t have to pay higher prices since generation capacity is not being used from a higher-cost source of power generation.  

Electric Vehicles

There are current complications with recharging of electric cars and Ecopush is investigating how best to use our smart plug for this purpose.

So, what will you use your first Ecopush for?

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