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Switch to Octopus Energy and get a free Ecopush smart plug

We are offering a free Ecopush smart plug, if you switch your energy provider to Octopus Energy.

Why we recommend Octopus Energy?

It is the only company, built from the ground up that addresses the global issues of sustainability and climate change in the energy industry.

1) Truly Green

All of Octopus’ energy comes from 100% renewable sources.  It buys energy from renewable sources and its gas is offset with carbon credits.

2) Innovative

The company is the first to bring a number of innovations in the market. These include tariffs that incentivise using energy at off peak times and tariffs targeted at electric vehicles. 

It also allows the information to be free, offering API access to your data.  This allows anyone to come up with their own optimisations which best suits their personal circumstances.

3) The company does  the basics right

It operates as you would hope an energy company would work; for instance: –

  • Which? Supplier of the year 2018 — 96% customer satisfaction (along with – Best Customer Service, Best Online Experience and Best Billing Services)
  • Rated 5 stars for customer service from 10,675 reviews
  • Less expensive as many suppliers

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  1. Thanks I am a mother and very busy! This helped me alot!

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