Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Ecopush system work?

We are shortly to release a short video explaining how simple it is to set up your Ecopush Smart Plugs.

Is the Ecopush smart Plug pre-programmed?

Yes. It comes fully pre-programmed.

Do I have to programme the plug?

No. It comes fully pre-programmed and is fully automatic.

Does Ecopush operate at all the time?

Yes. It operates 24/7/365.

Can I use Ecopush with my existing providers?

Yes, or whichever provider you wish.

What if I change provider?

No problem. The Ecopush smart plug will work as normal.

Will using Ecopush reduce my carbon footprint?

Yes. See the Ecopush Blog for more detailed information.

Will using Ecopush help against climate change?

Yes. See the Ecopush Blog for more detailed information.

Will using Ecopush save me money?

Yes. Over the last 12 months, a typical UK family would have saved £210 on Octopus Agile tariff compared to the average Big 6 providers’ variable tariff, and could save another £120 by shifting their electricity use outside of peak hours .

Can I monitor my energy use through Ecopush?

Yes. Ecopush’s smart plug is preprogrammed to monitor your electricity usage.

What happens if there is a power cut and will Ecopush function fully when the power returns?

Can it be use with all electrical devices? Chargers, washing machines, other devices etc?


Can I put my laundry in my washing machine and will the Ecopush then turn it on at the best time?

Yes. The Ecopush smart plug will turn on at the right time.  As long as your washing machine starts automatically it will work.

Is there an app that I can see my energy use on? 

Yes, our iOS and Android app allow you to monitor your devices and change any settings.

Can I operate Ecopush remotely from my phone tablet or laptop?

Not yet but we are working on it .

Can I use a multi plug extension with Ecopush?

Yes. There is no reason why you could not chain a number of devices to charge all of your devices. There is a max load of 16 amps, which is more than enough for most household devices). together.

I unplug my chargers to save energy now, will I need to do this with Ecopush?

No. The Ecopush smart plug automatically know the price and carbon values of electricity and uses that to create personalised charging schedules for you.

What if I need electricity now but it’s not the right time on the network, can I still use electricity? How does that work, do I switch off the Ecopush? 

You can override the schedule at any time by using the iOS/Android app.

I unplug my chargers to save energy now, will I need to do this with Ecopush?

No – our switch physically disconnects your device from the power supply.  No more vampire appliances using energy all of the time.

When will other energy providers be adopting the Ecopush?

We believe time of use tariffs are the way of the future, for the obvious incentives to provides to do the right thing.  We recommend Octopus Energy, but if you are not ready to switch just yet, contact your supplier.

If you have more questions please contact us at . We would also be delighted to learn how you feel we can improve our Website.