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Ecopush will ensure that you’re helping to reduce carbon emissions and save money at the same time.

There are good times to use energy (when the sun is shining) and bad times (lots of fossil fuel use).  Ecopush understands this and ensures you use energy at the right time.

With an easy set up, Ecopush has a built in energy monitor, and mobile App to see the price, emissions (CO2) and amount of energy use used, and when.

Ecopush plug comes with 3 pre settings: Eco (best for CO2 emissions), Cost (best for price) and Mix (balance of both).

Allowing you to help the planet and your pocket without worrying about it.


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Plug in a device such as a washing machine, laptop or mobile phone and let Ecopush decide when the best time is to switch it on. You can allow it to be fully automated letting Ecopush decide to switch devices on when it is most economical and eco friendly.

Ecopush, will ensure that you’re helping to reduce demand on the energy network and ensure that your carbon output is as low as possible.

Ecopush, will ensure that it switches off your devices when the price of electricity is at its high, thus saving you a lot of money on your bill.

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Weight .181 kg
Dimensions 5.4 × 3.2 × 6 cm


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