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There is an opportunity to save your company money and lower carbon emisssions without expensive new equipment or intrusive changes to your business. In fact, you will not even notice it is happening.


You can spend less money on your energy bills and at the same time reduce CO2 emission.

Simply, there are good times and bad times to use energy (see graph below).

We can help lower emissions and costs from batteries or heating systems by intelligently choosing when to turn on and off.


We provide a 3-step approach to saving you money.

  1. Identify and quantify sources of savings
  2. Analysis of cost / benefit of any potential changes
  3. Automatically roll out agreed plan

We combine knowledge of grid conditions (price and emissions) with a fully programmable smart plug. Allowing monitoring, control and automated scheduling on a per device basis.

Choose exactly how much you want to save without effecting your business.

See savings on real data

Interact with the graph below to see the potential for savings by simply changing time of energy use.
Drag the sliders to the savings you want. (Left to save the most, right to save less)

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